Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Domani! Domani!

When I first thought about blogging, I thought about it being something along the lines of that Julie and Julia movie - you know, the one about a pretty-much-by-choice homebound young woman who cooks a Julia Child (a/k/a Julia Childs) recipe a day for 365 days? Except I thought I would do it about pins from Pinterest. Yes, it occurred to me that a lot of people spend time pinning things they would like to cook, build, see, do around the house and whatnot but don't actually ever do them. Maybe I'm projecting. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who actually do things and then pin them or post them on their blogs but I'm betting there are a whole lot more out there like me, people who pin and just dream about doing those things in the moment. I'd be criticizing myself right now, if that's what I was doing, so I'm hoping if you're an avid pinner you're not insulted - I still pin, btw. But my point being that one day I realized all I was doing was pinning and not, well, doing! There's something we say in our family, being Italian and all, and that's Domani! Domani! (Tomorrow! Tomorrow!). When saying this you must place your hands in front of you, palms up and wave both hands upward repeatedly as if willing your audience to stand up, lest it lose its full meaning. Think about it, dream about it, definitely talk about it, but never really get around to doing it.

Digression alert: I remember my niece M asked why I was pinning and not blogging. In her opinion, pinning was just a shortcut to doing what blogging was meant to do. I guess since she's always had technology in her life, the long lost ritual of finding pictures in magazines of things you want or want to do and cutting and pasting them (with scissors and paste, not keystrokes) into a scrapbook or "pinning" them to a cork board, there was no, er, interest in it for her. She couldn't possibly understand how Pinterest had magically brought that nostalgia back into our old-fart lives. I think it was that comment of hers, though, that got me thinking about blogging and, lo these years later, here I am...blogging.

So back to the point: I started doing instead of just pinning. More importantly, I started blogging and will now be able to pin my own doings! I started a container garden (we'll discuss gophers at a later date) and I hung curtains in a more attractive and functional way than they were. I labeled the pictures in case you couldn't tell which was which. ;)

Easy hang curtains (yes, they're crooked - the pole was harder to hang than the curtains)
Container garden

Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Proper Brick Patio

My second post, which nearly immediately follows my very first, is about something we did here at the house over two years ago: we built a proper brick patio.

When I say "we" I mean the man in my life. Although my brother Mike and I participated in the moving of very heavy things over a period of days, and my sister Stacey made sure we were fed and watered (or beer'd as it were) it was Gorden as the mason who made sure that, when all was done, the water ran away from the house, bricks were set with precision, and the mortar-free patio would last decades, if not longer. The process was thus:

And so over two years ago, the transformation of our yard began. The patio, by the way, is getting more beautiful with time.