Monday, September 1, 2014

Still Uninviting

While we've made some progress on the backyard, its still not a place we head to hang out and relax. For the most part, its the place we head to do yard work. The dogs love to run around there - they have plenty of "stuff" to dodge while chasing each other (or trying to dig under the shed if a skunk, raccoon or 'possum are napping there). The cats enjoy watching gopher holes (of which we have many) or just laying around on the putting green. Yeah, great for the animals but it's still not inviting for us to relax, BBQ, or have a glass of wine at the end of the day. We definitely wouldn't invite anyone to hang out and have a party yet. Hello Labor Day, goodbye Summer!

This is a great before of the container veggie garden taken in early spring. The pots are where there used to be a fence - removing it significantly extended the backyard down the side of the house and gave it a nice flow. Of course, we now just pile (expletive) there. As you can see, there's lots and lots of dirt. We now have a putting green in addition to a little veggie garden and brick patio. Oh yeah, I was obviously having fun with Fotor Free collage backgrounds.

The patch of green in the top left pic is miner's lettuceHopefully we find some time over the next couple of months to ready it for a Thanksgiving party. Who knows, it just might be sunny.

The squash is on its way!

Mix of heirloom, roma and sungold tomatoes and Blue Lake pole beans