Saturday, October 4, 2014

Inside Job

Well, September was a busy one. School and homework was relentless and with the kids back in school, it was non-stop at work. Since I didn't have time for any projects, I decided to go through the sparse befores and afters of the inside job we did back in March.

And this is why we cover the "hair chair" with blankets. 

There was definitely a good amount of prep work. The existing paint was slick and dusty so we had a lot of cleaning to do. Anyone who saw our awkward, crooked trim around the beams, you'll be happy to see them nice and flush (well, not in the kitchen yet). The great thing about the color we chose is that it changes from blue to blue/gray to light light green, depending on the time of day and weather. 
The ceiling and trim looked dingy and old but both colors we picked made it look like we painted the ceiling and trim - Bonus! We’ve had nothing but compliments from our visitors! Now all we have to do is finish getting rid of the fugly pink carpet and finish the oak floors. Talk about airy and serene though! Valspar® Meteor Dust 

This is the dining area that extends off the living room and the window box that I still haven't finished painting. I was surprised at how many colors look great against it (it looks more pink than it really is in the bottom photo). Reds and oranges especially look great but it has a real French country feel too. Another bonus? It matches the sofa covers exactly. Some day I'll do the kitchen.
Valspar® Mushroom Risotto in eggshell finish.

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