Writing is a great outlet and, although I don’t consider myself an expert or some riveting composer of words, I like to do it nonetheless. If it turns out to be entertaining, interesting, or informative to the reader, then hey – bonus! And blogs – they’re a peek into how others do things and anyone who Pinterests or Facebooks or reads blogs is a lifestyle voyeur, whether or not aware of it. Let’s face it, we all want to know how others do it, if we’re doing it right or as well and if we can do it better and with our own special flare. I love reading the blogs of those clever DIYers to get ideas and avoid pitfalls for home improvement on a budget, environmentally sound cleaning tips, or just a slick way of doing something typically mundane. I love reading blogs about other people from different parts of the world – how they live, where they go, what they eat. And food… I love to cook and eat and whether I plagiarize someone else’s creation and put a little of my spin on it or it’s something I wholly concocted myself, people always seem to really enjoy it and sometimes ask for a recipe (I haven’t had to flush a sauce in at least two decades now). I thought I’d combine all that here and maybe it would be interesting for others living elsewhere to read. It’s definitely a place to journal the befores and afters of our projects. Now that you’ve arrived, I hope you enjoy this speck of the Internet and my little contribution to this global sharing of stuff. Eat, play, DIY!

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